Oblate Youth is a Catholic community of young people, gathered around the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, who in their daily lives strive, in one way or another, first to develop and grow their HUMAN dignity and the dignity of others, next to become CHRISTIANS and disciples of Christ, and finally SAINTS by their way of life.

Oblate Youth is the young people’s response to the Oblate mission and charism. Oblate Youth is a call to educate, involve, and give of ourselves, to take an extra step and do more to serve and to love others in our communities, our homes, and our lives.


Oblate Youth is a Mission WITH youth, BY youth, and FOR youth!
Our mission is to create a community where youth can discover their human dignity, embrace their identity as Christians, and discern the journey God is calling them to in their mission to Sainthood.

In light of the Oblate Charism present in our parishes, we want to embrace this mission of love and service, making our youth groups places where young people can encounter the love of Christ, and learn what it means to have an authentic relationship with Him.

‍Oblate Youth seeks to hear the needs of young people empowering them through this earthly pilgrimage as Missionary Disciples of Christ.


Community is at the very heart of who we are as Oblate Youth.
Oblate Youth gives a community of like-minded young people who are striving in some way – whether they fully know it or not – to uncover a deeper truth and purpose than that which society offers.

It allows its members to surround themselves with individuals with common values who encourage them, through their own example, to grow and challenge themselves, not only for their own sake and personal development, but for the growth of others.

Oblate Youth gives a purpose outside of your own self. It assists its members in realizing the falsehood in which self-centeredness is often presented at the path to satisfying the deepest desires of our hearts. In its place it fosters true and responsible love, fulfilling peace, and lasting happiness which is found through living out our God-given call and loving others.


The word ‘Oblate’ comes from the Latin word ‘Oblatus’ – which means ‘to offer of oneself’ or to ‘give’.
The charism of Oblates, which we adopt, is to give of ourselves to our communities and those around us, through our talents, skills, abilities, and interests which are gifts God gave each one of us to change the world and to fulfill our individual Mission.

Therefore, whether it’s through an instrument one plays, their computer skills, or creativity they have, each person has an inimitable gift only they can give. Like with any growth of a community or a relationship, the greatest gift we give of ourselves is our time for others, it is that dedication that bit by bit, changes the world and ourselves for the better.

We hope to bring youth, through the Oblate charism, to open their hearts and simply listen to where God is calling them to be His disciples and to enter into an authentic relationship with Him.  



St. Eugene Summary

“Practice well among yourselves charity, charity, charity, and outside, zeal for the salvation of souls”  

Born in 1782, to an aristocratic family in France, St. Eugene wanted something more than the successful, comfortable life set for those born into wealth. Money and prestige did not compare to the life offered through Jesus, so Eugene abandoned this lifestyle to devote himself as a servant and priest of the poor. He denied prestigious positions, instead reaching out to not only the physically poor, but the spiritually poor. His first two years of priesthood were dedicated to youth ministry, and his passion for service and charity carried into the missions he founded - the Youth Association and the Congregation of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. His mission lives on in today’s Oblates, who serve the needy in material and spirit alike, living by the motto, “He sent me to evangelize the poor”.
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